After months, or is it years, of no action a few individuals associated with Class 33 preservation are looking to see whether there is any hope for the former LUL TC unit stored at Butterley. The unit has been in preservation for a number of years and those that were instrumental in saving the unit no longer have the time to push the project forward. Whilst the unit has been stored a large amount of cabling has been stolen from the unit including most of the 27 Way Jumpers and ETH cables that run the length of the vehicles. James Cox, who is heavily involved with 33012 and regularly borrowed by other Crompton owners has had a look at the unit and in conjunction with Richard Pinker, who has been heavily involved in the restoration of 33111 and 33108, are considering looking at taking the project forward.

However if this is to happen there has to be an understanding of what level of support there is for the project both financially and in man power if this is even going to be considered. It is obvious that a proper group with a constitution needs to be one of the starting points as this has never been finalised previously and this has been a major downfall in the project in the past. The long term aim is to bring all of the vehicles back into traffic however this will not happen over night so the initial aim is to concentrate on the brake vehicle and one of the driving trailers. If these can be overhauled externally then there is a possibility that these vehicles could be moved to the Swanage Railway where the owning group could complete the internal overhaul of the vehicles. The remaining two vehicles will then be looked at. At the moment this is all academic until the level of support for the project can be established.
If you are interested could you please e-mail James Cox and Richard Pinker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If after this appeal there is the belief that the project can be taken forward then the constitution will be drawn up and a temporary committee formed to take the unit forward. If however there isn't the support then a decision on what happens to the unit will have to be made and in its current state that may mean that it goes to the scrap yard.