As I have been asked by a number of people if we are going to go to Butterley to work on the unit I have decided to try and pull a work weekend together. The first one of these will provisonally be the weekend of 24th / 25th March. If you are interested in helping please let me know. If it is dry we will look to protect some of the areas where paint has come off and if we can find a safe way up onto the roof we will look to start protecting this on one of the Driving Trailers and the FK.


As we will have to purchase a large amount of paint for the project we are thinking about whether or not we can get people to sponsor a can of paint at £35 a throw. It is estimated that the project will take about 80 cans. If we go down this road we will put the names of the people up in a frame in the brake vehicle. More on this in the coming weeks.


Once again thank you to those that have set up Standing Orders, please keep spreading the word. The more people that we have involved the quicker the unit can be made operational.