Since the appeal for standing orders was initiated in December 2011, they have started mounting up and have now reached the first target level which will cover the storage costs of the unit at Butterley. The next target level will allow for a DTC to be moved into the workshops for more intensive work to be carried out. In the mean time, with the help of some lump sum donations, some limited work can be carried out, mostly protecting a DTC by making it water-tight.

We will do as much work to make the vehicle water tight as possible. We will first check which of the driving trailers is the best to start work on. Taking windows out and resealling them costs about £200 per window. We need to check which Driving Trailer needs the least doing but I think we will spend about £2000 on this.

Work on the cab end will cost about £1000. Modification of the guttering will cost about £500. Then it will be a choice of door pillars at about £400 a go or welding the other end of the coach which is always difficult to estimate costs for until you open them up. It could cost £1000 to £3000 to sort.
Chart of standing orders over the last three months

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