We can now announce, that thanks to an agreement with St. Leonards Railway Engineering Ltd, DTSO No. 76275 will now form part of Unit 413. Driving Trailer car 76275 was originally part of a 4TC unit number 404, built in the mid-1960s. After becoming surplus in the early 1990s, this carriage was used to replace an accident-damaged 4-VEP Driving Trailer. This vehicle has been stored under cover since coming out of mainline service.
76275 is in very good condition, much better than the DTSO’s currently at Butterley, and requires little more than a repaint and some minor alterations to the ETH before it can be used. This agreement means that to get a 3TC operational, we only need to restore the TBSK and the better one of our DTSO’s, which should significantly speed up the project. The TFK will also be restored in the future, when funding allows, to form a 4TC.
Pictures of the vehicle can be seen here.http://www.hastingsdiesels.co.uk/news/articles/2007a01/