We have just had another working weekend at the Midland Railway centre. The main objective for the team was to tarpaulin over the whole unit to protect it from the winter conditions. We fitted two overlapping tarpaulins on each coach, with carpet squares laid over the roof vents to prevent friction, secured down with ratchet straps and rope.

This was done within the two short days, and as you can see in the picture, really stands out from the other stock as the tarpaulins are white.

All wrapped up for Xmas

A general inspection of the unit was done, and it was disheartening to find that some idiot had walked the whole length of the TC, just to smash the glass on the drivers speedo and brake gauges, and that someone had carefully stolen the motor brush boxes out of the compressor drive motor. We believe they were stolen to order, as they have been removed carefully with all cables being undone rather than cut, and all nuts and bolts removed during the theft were refitted afterwards which points to them being removed by someone who knew exactly what they were after rather than your average metal thief. Not stuff that is hard to find replacements for, but annoying that someone has been there since June just to cause damage to the unit.

We also did some assessment on some of the internal electrics, to see what components will be required to get the heating and lighting working.

Now that this preventative work has been done, the main focus is to carry on fundraising to get the first vehicle overhauled. If you ,or anyone you know, would like to help us by becoming a share holder or annual member, please see the "how can I help" link on the website, or contact us by email on the "contact us" link.


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